English Grammar MCQ

Build up a strong foundation for your English Grammar by attempting this practice set.


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English Grammar MCQ

The Primary English Grammar MCQ quiz is available for students from Primary 3 to 6 levels. This quiz is an introductory feature to familiarise students with the basics of Grammar by covering a wide spectrum of questions.


What you will learn ?

As these questions found in the quiz are set with reference to past year examination papers, you will achieve the following:

  • Develop familiarity towards the variation of questions

  • Hone ability to tackle English Grammar MCQs

  • Overcome apprehension and be more prepared for the PSLE English


How do use this elearning program?

To maximise the effectiveness of this e-Learning program, our tutors encourage you to do the following:

  • Revise the basics of English Grammar before you attempt the quiz

  • After you have completed the quiz, pay attention to the errors that you have made

  • Reflect on how you can avoid these mistakes for subsequent attempts


As the mastery of Grammar basics takes a considerable period of time, do not be discouraged by the difficulty. Instead, stay persistent and consult your teacher if you need help with your sentence structure. You can do it!