Math MCQ

Have a go with this Mathematics Multiple Choice question set to find out how you will fare.


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Math MCQ

The Math MCQ quiz caters to students from Primary 3 to 6 levels. In preparation for the PSLE Math, which is the major hurdle that lies at the end of the 6-year education track, students can attempt the quiz as a form of revision to be more familiar and ready to handle the complexities of the questions.


What you will learn?

After you have completed this Math MCQ Quiz, you should aim to fulfil the following objectives:

  • Acquire the basic understanding of numeracy

  • Know how to apply basic MCQ answering skills, such as elimination, to raise accuracy of answers


How to use this e-Learning program?

This e-Learning program will be effective for your study of Primary Math through the following actions:

  • Organise your learning materials, such as your school notes, by chapters. For example, Fractions and Whole Numbers are two separate chapters

  • Revise a chapter that you would like to improve. Then, attempt 10-20 practice questions (MCQs) to assess your level of understanding

  • Do not be afraid of making mistakes! It is part and parcel of learning. You will eventually improve and get the hang of it